V’s Bookish Friend

Vincenzo has made a friend at school.  He is described as the “boy in the gray shirt” and fortunately he has worn a gray shirt on both days of school so far, so V has been able to identify him.  (There was another boy in a striped shirt on the first day but he must have changed clothes because V didn’t mention him on the second day.)

Today V managed to catch his friend’s name.  I asked for clarification a couple times, but V assured me I was hearing him correctly.  His new friend’s name is Reed Book.  Or maybe it’s Reedbook?  He was a little unclear on that point.

I seriously don’t know how to end this post.  I really hope the kid’s name isn’t really Reed Book because Mr. and Mrs. Book might not love coming across this blog post someday.  They also won’t like it when I keep asking if we can “book a playdate” with their son and asking if they might be Finnish, by chance. 

(Get it?  Finnish Books?”)

2 thoughts on “V’s Bookish Friend

  1. snarfle- finnish….
    James is making friends too, but having a horrible time remembering names. Nor can he remember how to get from his bus to class. He knew everyone, and every inch of his daycare, but he was there for 5 years. I hope it doesn’t take as long to get up to speed at school.

  2. My brother had a friend in grade school whose first name was Caufield. My mother was mortified when she called one day to set up a play date for the two of them and replied to his mother’s answering of the phone with “Hello Mrs. Caufield? I am calling to see if Holden can come play sometime?” I don’t remember Caufield’s mother’s answer, only my mom’s severe embarrassment!

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