No sappy kindergarten post from THIS mother

(And my apologies to anyone who has written a sappy kindergarten post.  I probably read it and bawled my eyes out.)

Vincenzo: No, Rocco, don’t put that car on my leg.
Rocco: Uh-HUH put car leg!
Vincenzo: No, ROCCO.  NO!
Rocco: MOM!

Vincenzo: No, Rocco, don’t take that piece of apple.  You already have one.
Rocco: Uh-HUH have apple!  Rocco TEN apple.
Vincenzo: No, Rocco!  Put them down!
Rocco: *throws apples at Vincenzo*
Vincenzo: MOM!

I spent ten minutes of a car ride yesterday mediating a  screaming fight over who got to touch what part of the diaper bag in the backseat.

For some reason, I don’t think I’m going to be crying when Vincenzo heads off to his first day of kindergarten.

At least not sad tears.

(And for the future Vincenzo who is reading this, I’m not saying you’re at fault or that I can’t wait to get rid of you.  You’re actually a blast to hang out with and neither you nor Rocco is at fault—you two just really need a break from each other right now.  Really, this has nothing at all to do with me needing a break…)

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