Thoughtless Thursday: Summer playdate



This is part of my friends’ back yard.  Their whole house looks like a northwest lodge (it was featured in a local magazine last year) and I always feel like I should leave a tip after I visit, it’s that nice.


These boys, who usually spend 100% of their time shooting each other and bad guys, spontaneously busted into a game of Go Fish.  Maybe your kids do things like this all the time but I think there are still pieces of my jaw scattered on the floor near them.



Wee had seefood for dinner, hee hee.


Rocco is seen here setting up the tent for the older boys to sleep in that night, as they were busy shooting each other and bad guys.  He kept saying, “Me helping.  Me good helper.”  Then he had such a colossal meltdown we had to leave before it was finished.



And here is Vincenzo, shooting his mother (I was later informed) with a poisoned crossbow arrow.


Summer, maybe I’ll miss you after all.


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