Vincenzo in rare form

1. Vincenzo, to a friend: I don’t think you should share my Gatorade because I don’t want you to catch the cat allergies I have.

2. This week I taught Vincenzo to use reverse psychology on Rocco.  Now throughout the day we hear things like, “It’s okay, Rocco.  You don’t need to give me the light saber if you don’t want to.”  Rocco yells, “UH-HUH GIVE YOU LIGHT SABER!”  (which sounds like “UH-HUH GIB OO ITE HABOW!”) and promptly gives it to him.  Vincenzo has never been more powerful.

3. I’m trying to make sure Vincenzo remembers how to write his name by the time kindergarten starts, so the other day I wrote his name on a white board but left a few blank spots for him to fill in.  While he was working I went downstairs to do some laundry and when I came back, he had filled in his name then written my name (with Kevin’s help) and left a few blank spots for me to fill in.  He had also created a game for me where he drew the outlines of a bunch of fruits and vegetables and I had to guess what they were and color them in.


Now I see that the real question is: Is kindergarten ready for Vincenzo?!

3 thoughts on “Vincenzo in rare form

  1. You’ll have to let his teacher know that if she ever needs a bathroom break, she can just have him step in for her…. 🙂

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