Maternity Monday: Stuff breaks*

Cupid–that’s what we’re naming the baby, with his Valentine’s due date and all.  Baby Gaga would probably have been cooler but I like to pretend I’m not that trendy.

I went to Babies R Us this weekend to help a friend register for her new baby and I was kind of overwhelmed thinking about all the stuff we’re going to have to buy for our third one.  Baby stuff, it seems, has a life expectancy of 1 to 1.5 kids, as everything seems to have broken on Rocco.  Here’s a short list:

Car seat/stroller: The car seat is now expired and the stroller snapped in half one day while we were taking Rocco for a walk in it.  He has been cranky every since.

Crib: Cribs with drop-down sides have since been recalled.  I don’t know if I can bring myself to buy a new one though…is that really bad?

Bottles: We used the set we bought for Vincenzo with Rocco, as V never really took the bottle but Rocco thankfully would.  They’re loaded with BPA that has since been hit-listed and now Rocco keeps asking if he’s old enough to shave his legs.

Baby carrier: That’s our fault, though.  We got a cheap knock-off of the Bjorn way back when and it’s the equivalent of a standard belt hooked up to a cloth grocery bag, and it hurts.  We’re going Ergo this time.

Baby monitor: Ours was always kind of fuzzy but at least the police reports were interesting.  And then came the day I was outside gardening during R’s nap and couldn’t believe my luck that he was napping for three whole hours, but the baby monitor wasn’t making any noise (other than the regular fuzz) so everything must be okay, right?  When I went inside I found a red, blotchy, screaming, completely distraught baby who had not, it turns out, napped for three whole hours.  We splurged on R and bought him a new one for Christmas.

Diaper Genie: I was okay when the top snapped off of our first one—we just set it on there anyway and kept using it, and occasionally had to throw Rocco in the tub when he discovered the top would come off at his own will and he could empty all the diapers out of it.  But when the company upgraded to Diaper Genie II and stopped making the inserts for Diaper Genie I, there was nothing we could do but buy the new one.  The new one, for the record, is crap (pun intended) and now we’re going to have to buy another diaper pail.

Anyway, the Babies R Us trip was eye-opening not only in all the stuff we need to get but also in the realization that middle children really do have it rough and it’s not their mother’s fault. 

It’s Greco’s.

*I think I’ve written this post sometime before but SUCKER you read it again.

3 thoughts on “Maternity Monday: Stuff breaks*

  1. Look for used Ergo’s. You can find them on craiglist or sometimes on the babylist or the freestuff list at MS. The stroller (if its a girl – because it is pink) you are more then welcome to my MacClarren. It had a recall, but i have the recall kit. I also have a Graco, but it is an OLD one that works perfectly fine, it just does not have a 5 point harness. You will want a new car seat (UGH), expecially since the recommendation is to leave them rear facing until 2. Bottles are up to you, but I am sure you can find someone who is dumping a ton of these too. 🙂 Congrats – BTW! Don’t feel bad about the drop side crib, I gave mine away to a friend. If you are really all that worried about it, take some screws and screw them under the drop sides. IT IS AMAZING ANY OF OUR CHILDREN SURVIVED WITH BPA, DROP SIDE CRIBS, AND FRONT FACING AT ONE….LET ALONE US. Guess Darwin didn’t want anymore friends to join him 🙂

  2. If you don’t mind all the parts for Dr Brown’s bottles, I’ll give you as many as you want.

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