1. In a restaurant:

Vincenzo: Mom, we’re sitting at a fancy table…
Me (not looking up from menu): M-hm.
Vincenzo: …because I drew on it!

2. Watching sailboats with Aunt Shel, who had recently taught him about spinnakers:

Vincenzo:  I like the sailboat with the red and white vinegar.

3. Rocco, seeing a clay bracelet Vincenzo had made:

Rocco: Me eat nom nom.
Me: That’s not a nom nom. Rocco.  That’s art.
Rocco: Me eat art.


Me: Rocco, are you cute?
Rocco: Nay uh-uh.
Me: No? You’re not cute?
Rocco: Uh-huh cute. Rocco cute. Mama cute. Both cute.

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