Hello and welcome to MrsMouthy’s farm!  This week we are featuring:


(4 for the price of 1, as these are actually all attached.)

Lush, lush basil plants

(The leaves are best when they’re yellow, right?)

And two-foot-tall lettuce

(It’s a bit bitter, which has nothing at ALL to do with the farmer who planted it.)

I was going to make a comment about how while this food looks mutant and/or sick, this is what truly organic food looks like…but then I remembered the neighbor went out and sprayed every last leaf of everything with pesticides a month ago.  64 gallons of pesticides on our two-bed vegetable garden.  He meant well.  He also meant well when he pulled up all the corn I planted to put in his cucumber plants.

Anyway, at least I remembered to cover the blueberry bushes with netting this year so the birds won’t eat all the berries.


Something tells me I forgot to do something else to the bush though…

(I have no idea how anything could die of thirst in the weather we’ve been having.) 

(I think this was suicide.)

2 thoughts on “FarmerMouthy

  1. Where do you get that netting?! This was my first year with blueberries and I didn’t get a single one, the birds beat me to them.

  2. My friend just gave it to me–I think you can just buy some tulle at a fabric store though. I’m impressed your blueberries already ripened! Mine have been almost ripe for about 3 weeks now…

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