Seattle: doing our part to fight global warming

It’s been like this all summer, and I am using the word “summer” quite loosely:

Monday high: 69 degrees


Tuesday high: 75 degrees
Partly Cloudy

Wednesday high: 69 degrees
Few Showers

Thursday high: 62 degrees
Few Showers

Friday high: 63 degrees
Few Showers

Blech.  What’s it like where you are?  I would really love a good drought story…

6 thoughts on “Seattle: doing our part to fight global warming

  1. Highs in the mid-90s, lows higher than your highs. Complete humidity and storms that don’t make it cooler. Feeling better?

  2. Let it be noted that today, Tueday, the one day with a sun pictured, ended up being 63 degrees and overcast. IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE??!

  3. Yes, yes it is. I saw yesterday that you have only had three days above 80! That is crazy. And that is also why you need to come to Chicago more. 😀

  4. After the worst summer in 2010, 2011 is amazing – 75 by the beach in Southern California. Ask my sister Terrie if she would like to come on a trip. You can both stay here for free!

  5. Yep, beautiful here too. Mid 80s all week which is a nice change from the week of low 100s right before a two week trip to Seattle where I froze my butt off for wrongly assuming that shorts would be appropriate in mid-July. But if it makes you feel better, WA was even more green and beautiful than I remembered it being 6 months ago. :0)

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