Revenge, sweet revenge

So Vincenzo was mad about the inadequate amount of TV I let him watch yesterday. Correction: Vincenzo was batshit crazy insane about the inadequate amount of TV I let him watch yesterday. He was rolling around the floor using his nastiest nails-on-chalkboard whine-yell to let everyone in the neighborhood know how he felt.

I do not like that sound. It makes me want to hurt people around me. And so I asked Rocco if he’d like to come outside with me until Vincenzo felt better and could join us. Rocco, apparently, did not like the screaming either and eagerly agreed.

As I left my howling, kicking, yowling 5-year-old in the living room and left for the yard, something told me there was something wrong with my plan but my brains were all scrambled from that primal screaming and I left anyway.

And that’s how I found myself and Rocco completely (and intentionally) locked out of the house.

Fortunately Kevin came home from work five minutes later and I coolly walked in through the front door while Vincenzo looked on.

I later found myself in a conversation with Vincenzo about how “big misbehaviors call for big consequences” and *POOF* his weekend video game time disappeared.

Hey, by the way, does anyone have a good response for your kid when he tells you you made him so sad he wants to die?

And is it juvenile for me to get back at him by telling the whole world that he accidentally pooped a little in his pants yesterday?

One thought on “Revenge, sweet revenge

  1. A good response to when your kid tells you that you made him so sad he wants to die, gently say “I know”. It acknowledges their feelings without inviting them into a big discussion about it. Nothing shuts James down faster, pinky swear.

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