What details?

I would love to be the kind of mom who…

1.  doesn’t allow snacks in the car, especially Saltines
2.  never has to borrow diapers from strangers in public restrooms
3.  always has some kind of kids’ music or enrichment CD handy in the car
4.  always puts the kids in PJs before bed
5.  knows how to keep library books separated from home books
6.  packs lunches in neat little color-coordinated containers instead of a hodgepodge of grocery bags, bread bags, and random scraps of foil
7.  always wipes food off of her kids’ faces after meals

I’m not saying the fundamentals of my parenting are flawed (I’m also not saying they’re not); it’s just the details I sometimes overlook.  But give me a birthday party to plan and a month ahead of time I will have wrapped the plastic ware in thematic napkin decorations…


covered our living room chairs in contact paper to fit the theme…


hand-cut 100 paper cars for decorations…


and made and printed my own checkered paper because the craft stores didn’t have any, then cut it into flags for a banner.


MrsMouthy.  Master of Priority.

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