Scraping the beater for blog scraps

1.  Hey, does anyone know how to get your kids to do this?  Mine won’t touch each other.


2.  I got V’s kindergarten packet today.  I held it together until I got to the words “#2 Ticonderoga pencils” and then I lost it.  Great, here I go again…

3.  This week we went to a birthday party that cleverly combined the movie “Cars” with the movie “Ants” (look closely):


Mmmm, Protein Cake.

4.  Rocco, searching the grass for his lower legs:


5.  The following set of pictures, taken by husband when I was out, is fairly self-explanatory.





2 thoughts on “Scraping the beater for blog scraps

  1. 1. Bribe them.
    2. I’m crying about my soon to be kinder too, but it is slightly easier this time around, so you’ll do better with Rocco.
    3. Gross.
    4. Cute!
    5. Coincidentally this is what my house looks like when my husband is in charge. My question is, where are the husbands in the fifteen minutes leading up to this scene?

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