What is it?

Kevin knew three things about this year’s Father’s Day present:

1.  It cost over $1,000
2.  My dad helped me pick it up
3.  He has 90 days to return it

He guessed what it was.  On the first try.  Is it really that obvious?  Do all of you know what I got Kevin for Father’s Day?



1. We had a neighbor girl over this week and she spied an empty egg carton and said, “I know how to make a turtle out of that.  Do you have two googly eyes and a piece of green paper?”  Ten minutes later…


Is this what it’s like to have girls?

2.  I’m so desperate for things to blog about lately that, when I realized I didn’t take a picture of the egg carton turtle the neighbor girl made, I actually made a new one for my blog.

3.  And hers was much better.  I’m pathetic.

4.  So pathetic, in fact, that this week I went to my favorite food website, epicurious.com this week, and searched for “grilled cheese sandwich” recipes.   What is wrong with me?

3.  Speaking of things that are wrong with me, here is a picture of a game we call “DON’T HIT THE BABY!1!!!”


The rules are easy: place one baby on a pool table and instruct the four kids who are zipping pool balls all over the table with their hands to “be gentle.”  Anyone who hits the baby loses a point.  There is no way to gain points during this game.

(My mom, who works with mothers who have had to give their kids to foster care, took great joy in reporting, “Mother seen placing baby in center of pool table. Mother seen caustically laughing as pool balls narrowly miss baby.”)

Teriyaki chicken
Teriyaki pork
Sticky rice
Roatsed vegetables
Chocolate decadence cakes

Thoughtless Thursday: my friends have pretty kids

I got to take one-year pictures of my friend’s baby girl and her older brother last weekend.  Beautiful kids make my work easy!!  The older boy gave his sister more hugs and love in an hour than I’ve seen Vincenzo give Rocco in nearly two years.  It was incredible to see how natural the kids were together.  My favorite moment of the photo shoot, though, was when the boy said, “Mommy, can we please take a break after this next picture so I can swallow my mucus?”








crackers with roatsed garlic and goat cheese
Gado-gado salad
More of Kevin’s mac ‘n cheese
Vanilla ice cream with rhubarb sauce