All this over a Bieber comment?

QUICKIE (remember those?): Vincenzo: Can I have some frozen strawberries from the refreezerator? [laughs at self] I almost said refridgerator.
Vincenzo was at the park yesterday and started playing with a couple kids who were 7 and 9.  The 9-year-old asked, in that one tone of voice, “Who here likes Justin Bieber?”  Vincenzo piped up, “I do.”*  “You do?!"  “Yeah,” Vincenzo replied, still not getting that the “right” answer was “Ewwww!  I hate Justin Bieber!” 

It made me want to cancel kindergarten. 

V is so excited to ride a bus to school and to feel like a Big Kid, but he doesn’t realize that bus is going to drop him off in a world of Bieber haters and G.I. Joe lovers, who are the same kids that might make fun of my son for still calling the number after two “fwee.”  Vincenzo still forgets his underwear half the time and forgets to wipe all the time and I don’t think I’ve brushed his hair once in his entire life, and I’m throwing into a pack of wolves that probably isn’t going to look kindly upon Bieberheads with skid marks.

It makes me thinking back to my first day of first grade, when I saw what looked like a 6-year-old Ms. America playing tag with what looked like a 6-year-old Mary Lou Rhetton, and I spent the entire rest of my grade school experience wondering why I (who looked like Piglet in a mousy toupee) never got to play tag with them.

Maybe it won’t be that bad. I am a worst-case scenario person, after all. V has never had a problem making friends and he really loves school. He already has a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of cheeseburger Vans for the school year.

cheeseburger vans

Yes, Vincenzo will be fine. 

It’s me I’m worried about.

Gah!  I’ve got to stop blogging on these overcast days!  In funnier depressing news, isn’t this the worst “happy summer sign” you’ve ever seen?

summer sign


*For the record, Vincenzo doesn’t really know who Justin Bieber is except that he also has a shaggy bowl haircut, so we sometimes call Vincenzo “Bieberhead.”

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