Why can’t white just be white?


I have such first world problems.*

Lemon-marinated chicken
Potato salad

*Thank you, K, for the phrase—I use it all the time.

6 thoughts on “Why can’t white just be white?

  1. Don’t do it. Don’t paint a room white. We painted whole houses white (or other “neutral shades” that we later discovered are just white). Go latte or some other neutral that adds some warmth and doesn’t look dingy quite so soon.

    That’s all. :0)

  2. Keiko: You’re being facetious. Right? (Because if not, I need to know WHICH one on the right??!!!)

    Casey: I was already terrified to paint a room white. Now I think I’ll never leave the house again! I’m really, really going to regret it?

  3. Definately paint it white. Then when it starts looking dirty you can repaint it a tan to match the dirt. Hopefully you can enjoy it for at least a week before that happens.

  4. I was wondering why white, but I forgot that you posted a picture of the all white room a while back. White is trendy right now, but cold. White accents are great, but white walls not so much, especially if you don’t want to have to paint next year when it goes out of style.

    Go with something warmer. But that’s just my 2 cents which in this economy is worth about- oh nothing. Have fun picking colors!

  5. The reason I want to paint it white is because I want it to serve as a psuedo photography studio. But now you all have me freaked out!

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