On notice: summer

Don’t have much to post these days.  Summer started at a full-on sprint with a weekend at Whidbey, my trip to Vegas, and a week with the in-laws.   But, as all those events involved family and I try not to blog about family because I would like to be invited to Christmas, summer has been hard on my blog.  (My therapist had a blast with me last week though.)

I was looking forward to this past weekend when we had almost no plans, but then the weather got me down.  It’s still in the low 60s here with skies that can most likely be described as “colorless” and even though I could probably get by with a warm sweatshirt over my newly purchased summer tops, I gave summer the finger and wore my winter coat all weekend.

There is something I love right now though: the smell of the produce department in the grocery stores.  You walk in and it’s that woody, ripe smell of the melon rinds mixed with the sharp, sweet jabs from all the different berries.  It is all the fruit I have missed for the past nine months, and it is the smell of summer. 

I might not be able to dress for summer yet but at least I can still smell summer.

Fingers crossed that my kids say something funny this week or my husband does something aggravating or I pee all over myself in public so I’ll have blogable material for you.

Hearty beef stew (because that’s what you eat in June in the northwest)
Corn on the cob
Summer fruit
Strawberry Jell-o cupcakes

3 thoughts on “On notice: summer

  1. I hear ya.. we live in Northwest Montana and it has either snowed or rained since early November..I am NOT exaggerating..the ski lift is actually starting to slide down Big mountain due to all the water. Besides building ark there isn’t a whole lot going on here either. But you are so super entertaining I am sure something will find you!

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