MrsMouthy’s Status: Cranky

1.  Okay, so let’s say your best friend, who happens to live in London, sends you a bouquet of exotic flowers on a random day to tell you she’s thinking of you.  Do you:
a) Call her up to thank you; follow up call with a thank-you card
b) Take a picture of the roses and send them to 250 of your “closest” friends with a note saying, “Roses from my BFF in London.  I miss you [as in her] sooooooo much darling!”

Good ol’ Facebook.

I just want to know, how does one respond to such updates?  Take the BFF/flower situation, for example.  Do you…
a) Comment: “Ohhhh, you’re so lucky.  You have the best friends in the world and mine are kind of sucky compared to yours.”
b)  Tell her if you were still in high school you would totally vote for her for Homecoming Queen, then remind her that YOU’RE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE.
c)  Go to your own wall, post a picture of a goat and write, “My BFF in Ethiopia just named this after me!  I miss you, Mb!uti.

Do I just need to block more people?  Is that my problem?  How do you all stomach Facebook?

And totally sorry if I offended anyone with this post—the reason I never block anybody is because I genuinely like everyone I’m friends with on FB, regardless of what they post.  It’s not you I don’t like; it’s Facebook.  (Which is why I only log in if there’s a really good reason, like to find out Kevin spent Monday at work celebrating Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s birthday, complete with a cake that had their pictures on it.)

Lots and lots of beef.  Beef EVERYTHING.  Beef stew, roast beef, beef Bourginon, beef salad, beef cake covered in beef frosting with tiny beef sprinkles…

9 thoughts on “MrsMouthy’s Status: Cranky

  1. When I see statuses that say, “My husband is the BEST man in the whole world!” I am always tempted to respond, “You know I was just thinking that! Weird, huh? But he really is won-der-ful.” I don’t have the nerve.

    Blog instead. Someone as funny as you shouldn’t be limited to a status update. Stick to blog posts 🙂

  2. I vote for B too, cause that stands for bitchy which is totally how I’m feeling.

    I rarely if ever go to Facebook anymore, all I’ve got time to do is throw a blog post together here and there.

  3. It’s funny, Ginny–I drafted this post a week ago and when I saw that you posted flowers from Eric this morning I thought the same thing. Oh crap! But this post was totally not directed to you and I actually like seeing your FB updates on the rare occasion I log in. Hugs!

  4. The all beef thing is another reason I’m cranky and Kevin is the only one who knows why, and I don’t want to incriminate anyone by explaining. (I will add that we actually ate chicken pot pie for dinner.) Sorry to be so mysterious!

  5. Kevin ran over a cow, didn’t he, and now you’re stuck with a whole carcass. He’s so irresponsible!

  6. I’m going to update my blog so you never have to go to facebook ever again, except to see the picture I posted of the chicken nugget that looks just like you when you hold it like *this*

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