Early Father’s Day

In May I wrote about how Kevin completely forgot about Mother’s Day this year.  I’m not one to hold grudges, but I am one to exact revenges, and so I got to thinking about the best way to pay him back this Father’s Day (which we celebrated a week early).  The WWJD choice would have been to forget Father’s Day in return because, as the bible says, “an eye for an eye.”  But the sweeter punishment, I thought, would be to go really overboard for his present this year.  He gets a shirt every year for Father’s Day, but not this year.  Nope.  Even a deep-v t-shirt could not invoke the kind of guilt I planned on invoking.

A couple weeks ago I told you Kevin guessed his Father’s Day present from three clues: it cost over $1,000; my dad helped pick me up; and he had 90 days to return it.  Kevin knows my dad’s favorite place to shop is Costco, so he figured the gift came from there.  He knows Costco has a 90-day return policy on electronics.  He knows TVs cost over $1,000.

Mama don’t like it when her best plans get foiled.  So when we celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, I led Kevin on a scavenger hunt to find his “TV.”  He played along, pretending for the kids’ sake that he had no idea what his present could be.  And he really didn’t, as he realized when he reached the last clue–in the cat dish.  He pulled out a deep-V t-shirt and a card that read:

We took advantage of the 90-day return policy because we value the element of surprise.  SURPRISE!!  Better luck next year.”

He looked had.  Man, that’s a good look for him.

Shortly after the scavenger hunt, I asked Kevin to take out the recycling and lo and behold, there in the garage was his new, expensive, 55” flat screen TV.

I think we both know what Charlie Sheen meant now when he said he was winning.

MIL’s doing the cookin’!

3 thoughts on “Early Father’s Day

  1. Oh man you are sly woman! So last year for Christmas Tim gave me a Chia Pet, what would be the Mouthy version of revenge?

  2. We’ll see if I get anything for my birthday this week. Revenge WILL BE sweet because his birthday is next month. I really think he hasn’t gotten me anything.

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