Old Vegas

Sorry for my slow posting week—I was in Vegas, and as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas…shows up on my blog a few days later. 

Now, before you get too excited for me and tell me you hope I partied hard and came home wondering where all my panties went, I should let you know that I went to Vegas with My Mom.  I actually came kind of close to sharing a bed with My Mom but even Vegas wagged her finger at that.  Thank you, Vegas.*

My sister (The Boxer) lives in Vegas so my mom and one of my other sisters (The Lemming Leader**) went down to visit.  I helped My Mom feel comfortable hanging out with us whippersnappers in Vegas by making lots of comments about how cool it is to go to Vegas with My Mom. She made herself comfortable by bringing along a magazine that I originally took for MADD magazine but on closer look saw it was AARP magazine:


The nice thing about AARP is it helps keep the aging population in touch with the younger generations.  How else would my mom have learned about this trend, for example?


Last month was stirrup pants, so this doesn’t seem all that crazy to me.

Other than teasing my mom, we spent a lot of time working out, laying at the pool, eating, and getting pampered.  We could have been at a spa in a remote location for all our tired, sore, relaxed, well-rubbed, salt-scrubbed bodies knew.  Vegas actually kind of got in the way of our trip a bit.

My sister in Vegas was a party, as always.  She took the role of hostess, tour guide, entertainer, and chauffer.  The Boxer is the kind of person who puts everybody else up on a pedestal so you walk away feeling like you’re a good person.  I love that.

As for the kids, Kevin stayed home from work to watch both of them.  He mentioned before we left that he was going to break all the rules so I’m pretty sure he fed the kids nothing but bread with zero whole grains and that he installed DVD players into all the cars, and he probably taught them both how to smoke cigarettes.

But I’m going to have to say it was definitely worth it.



I forgot how to cook on vacation

*And thank you, Mom, for letting us use you as an excuse to go to bed early and for not getting offended by my incredibly offensive sense of humor
**Inside joke.  Two people will think it’s kind of funny.

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