Looking to adopt

My sister, Michelle, and her husband, Bill, are trying to adopt a child. 


(They’re so cute you’d like to adopt them, wouldn’t you?!)

One thing I’ve learned from watching them start the adoption process is that it’s all about getting the word out that they are awaiting a baby and hopefully, enough people talk to enough people and someone knows someone who knows someone that is seeking a loving, adventurous, generous couple that wants nothing more than to raise a family.

My sister is the oldest of four girls* and growing up she always naturally helped take care of the brood.  When she’s around my kids she instinctively slips into that mother role again, changing diapers or wiping mouths or reading books to them like they were her own children.  Bill is a fifth-grade teacher who is that teacher everyone wants to get—he’s funny yet in-charge and spends his lunch breaks playing with kids rather than taking a break for himself.  He leads a trip for students to Washington, D.C. every other year.  Michelle and Bill are both stellar people who do so much for other people.

So.  If you know anyone who wants to give a baby up for adoption, please send them to Michelle and Bill’s website: www.awaitingadoption.wordpress.com

Too busy to think about it!

*My brother is the oldest of all of us but he was too busy gleeking at us on command and whipping us with wet towels to do any nurturing. 

3 thoughts on “Looking to adopt

  1. No, he’s at Eastridge … I’m down the street at Cottage Lake. But our school’s have meetings together on non-student days and our school goes to Camp Casey together at the same time – we we’ve sang many a camp song together and acting in many a skit together 🙂

    I know that last part didn’t make sense … but I was really on a role with the “many a” phrases.

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