Who named them “sleep-overs” anyway?

So we broke into the world of sleep-overs last weekend when we had the two neighbor girls come for an overnight.  There was a lot of giggling and eating of entire bags of chips, a lot of movies and X-Box, and a lot of Kevin being taken down by little school girls and ridden like a broken horse all over the house.  It was enough to almost make me call PETA.

Naturally, there was not much sleeping.  The kids went to bed at around 9 but the party was still going strong at 10:30.  Rocco kept waking up, screaming.  Kevin was snoring the out-to-the-world snore of a broken horse.   And I was laying in bed wondering what  in my life went so wrong as to land me in this exact moment, when out of nowhere I felt this nagging, primordial instinct…this basal survival skill…this faint whisper from my childhood reaching out to me across the years…

I opened the door to the kids’ room. 

“Hey guys,” I said, acting purely on instinct now.  “Have you ever had a sleeping contest before?”

I didn’t hear another peep out of them the rest of the night.

Not until 6AM, that is, when they woke up ready for their prizes.  We’ve still got a few kinks to work out in this whole survival-of-the-fittest thing.



One thought on “Who named them “sleep-overs” anyway?

  1. We’re not doing sleep overs at my house. I’m just going to send my kid to you house.

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