They don’t make ‘em like they used to

Things that last for one child but not for two:

1. The Diaper Genie.  The top of ours completely broke off a few months ago, so we MacGyvered it into a working condition and kept using it.  However, now there is a new Diaper Genie II with its own new bag inserts that cunningly don’t fit the Diaper Genie I model so we had to buy a new one.  And that stinks.  (Even more than what goes inside it).

2.  The car-seat-to-stroller stroller.  One day we were walking Rocco in it and the thing completely snapped in two.  It kind of felt like a metaphor but we were too on shaken up at the time to think what the metaphor was for.

3.  The crib.  Ours has since been recalled for its deadly drop-sidedness, yet we continue using it because we want all the haters to lecture us about drop-side cribs in my blog comments.

4.  The book “Tails.”


We still have one; we just now call it “Tailless.”

5.  Patience. 

It has instead been replaced by a house full of Legos, toys that shoot, marbles, open bathroom doors, the use of the word “butt,” dropped pieces of popcorn, and hundreds of other evils we would not let our older child lay eyes on until he was the age listed on the side of the box.


We all know that every baby is a miracle.  But it’s even truer that every second-born child who survives beyond the age of 3+ is an even bigger miracle.

Costco dogs (cut into esophagus-sized chunks)


One thought on “They don’t make ‘em like they used to

  1. The Tails book…ugh. B woke up with the fuzz from one of the tails all over his face. I thought he hit puberty really early.

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