Home Improvements

All my friends are buying new houses this month.  I keep whining to Kevin about how I need a new house too, and he keeps doing that one-eyebrow-raised, “all your friends?” thing, to which I adamantly agree, then sigh and go back to scrubbing marinara out of the living room carpet. 

So.  Since old sour puss won’t let me buy a new house, I’ve been going around our old house making little improvements.  Toward the end of my improving I remembered about my blog and took a few pictures.

I officially acknowledged the addition of a third child to our family:

Before:                                 After:


I reorganized a cabinet (I swear, I really really did):

Before:                                 After:


And for my crowning achievement, I de-sodomized the picture of two rocketships Vincenzo had made:

Before:                                After:


Yup.  Feels like a brand new house.

Spice-rubbed pork tenderloin
Mexican corn cakes
Dulce de leche cookies


2 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. Thanks, Michelle. I highly recommend de-sodomizing as an easy, cheap home improvement.

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