The full package

Okay, I usually restrain myself from blogging about friends/family but my in-laws have left me with no choice.

My MIL loves sending things in the mail.  The best I can figure is that going to the post office for her is like going to the movies is for most people.  And she likes to watch movies.  A lot.  We get at least a package a month, not including the little packages we get for each holiday and birthday.  The contents this month are pretty typical, going from bad:


to worse:


to head-scratching:


She always includes this assortment of catalogues, many of which we received from our own mailman just the week previous.  My favorite pick from this selection:


The United Mileage Plus catalogue.

She also included three other things, I guess to legitimize the $10 in shipping.  A plaque with Kevin’s name on it that he doesn’t remember receiving:


A program from an event at Kevin’s college in 1997 that he is not mentioned in:


And this Ziploc baggie of sugar cubes.


Maybe she’s trying to send us a message in code.  Something like: “My son is sweet as sugar and even if he’s not mentioned in some dinky college brochure he’s certainly worth his weight in Plexiglas plaques so go out and buy him something nice or I will force you to read all these Enquirer magazines while I keep all the much classier Star magazines to myself.”

Did I get it right?

Anyway.  In other news, Kevin’s grandma calls me every year the week before my birthday nearly in tears because she forgot my birthday.  This year, for the first time ever, she actually was late remembering my birthday but she made up for it with the card.  It included this picture of Brenda Strong  that she clipped from one of her magazines because she thinks looks like me:


The best part, though, is the card she chose to include the picture in:


If that’s not ironic, I don’t know what is.

Beef empanadas
Black bean salsa


3 thoughts on “The full package

  1. Ahahaha!!! That’s called “Cleaning out the house we are selling and finding some random crap that we’d like Kevin to have to deal with,” Rachel. 🙂

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