I know how the fly feels…

Every once in awhile something weird happens in our house.  It grows quiet for a half an hour and I honestly couldn’t tell you where Vincenzo is in the house.  Those are rare sacred moments, and I cherish them, but they always come with a price.

After one such half hour this week, I went downstairs to see that Vincenzo had done this to the basement:





It’s a spider web.  And for the past three nights, Vincenzo has prayed, “Dear God, please help Mommy to not take down the spider web in the basement.”

I’m not sure how to get out of this one.

Really gross lasagna from last night
Garrrrrlic bread
Really gross almond cookies from yesterday

(That spider web is messing with my cooking mojo.)


6 thoughts on “I know how the fly feels…

  1. I agree with McStreamy. For sure the Easter Bunny will get trapped in the spider web and not be able to bring Easter goodies to all the good little boys and girls!

  2. Since V created it, only he can un-create it. How accurate is Vincenzo with “safety” scissors? Maybe an afternoon of “jungle explorer” would help bring the spider web down.

    I once lived for three years with a small stack of bricks at one end of my patio, which my small nephew had stacked very carefully so he could see over the railing. I had to wait until he visited again and ask him to take the bricks and re-stack them by the BBQ. Only then could I feel peace.

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