Pillow talk

So I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with our bedroom yet, but I’m know I’m going to do something.  I decided to start with a bedspread and pillows and see where it goes from there.  To review, our bed before:


And now, with new bedspread/pillows:


I’m loving the change so far and I think I know what to the next three steps are, but Kevin is having a harder time adjusting.  Like the other day, when he laid down on the bed when it was still made and he rested his head on one of the new throw pillows, I asked him gently if he could please maybe not lay down on the throw pillows.  They’re kind of delicate  He gave me A Look. 

He also keeps counting the amount of pillows we have and making a big deal about removing them from the bed when we go to sleep each night.  He is baffled with the quilt that we actually take off the bed at night, then go retrieve our army-green, holey old comforter to sleep under.  (The quilt isn’t thick enough to keep him warm and I haven’t had a chance to buy a thicker blanket to go underneath it.)

So this week when I took the boys to my mom’s to spend the night.  When we got home the next day, I saw Kevin has started to embrace the new bed.  He had actually made the bed, and he has not once made any bed in the seven years we’ve been together.


I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but he rounded up every spare pillow he could find in the house and added them to the new ones.

And you know?  I think he’s right…it does look better with more pillows!

Red Robin (as in we’re going out—I’m not actually cooking a red robin)

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