Field Trip Fail

Yesterday a couple friends and I took our kids to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  It was the most unfun I think I’ve ever had with my kids.  We got there ten minutes early, which didn’t quite cover for the half hour it took to park plus other half hour it took to stand in line to pay for parking plus the other half hour it took to walk to the exhibit and get in.  The weather took that opportunity to be freezing and rain sideways on us. 

Tickets to the Science Center cost three times as much than if I had gone on a different day (and used my discount card). 

Here’s how the exhibit is set up:

star wars blog

Guess which part of the exhibit was most intriguing to Rocco?

Yup.  The dark hallway in between the exhibits.  Up and down and up and down and up and down we went because anytime I tried to get him into the exhibit there was much screaming and rending of clothes.  If he owned a leather bullwhip, he surely would have used it on himself during those attempts.

But eventually even Rocco tired of the ramp and was decidedly and unmistakably hungry, and although I was carrying a bag of snacks with me there were signs all over the place warning us NO NOMS ABSOLUTELY NO NOMS I DON’T CARE HOW HUNGRY AND SCREAMY THE BABY IS HE WILL NOT EAT ANY NOMS WHILE HE IS HERE GO SCREW YOURSELF.  So I went to find Vincenzo because we had to get ourselves out of the exhibit and to a nom as quickly or the baby would likely implode.

I found my friends, and I found my friends’ kids, but there was no sign of Vincenzo anywhere.  We both thought he was with each other.  So I tucked Rocco under my arm like a screaming football and charged through the downstairs until I found my son standing next to a staffer, looking ready to cry but bravely holding it in.  I felt like a jerk mom.

The exhibit would have been fun if I had had the foresight to get a babysitter for Rocco.  I didn’t see much of it but did manage to snap a couple pictures in between starving my baby and losing my son.

Darth Vader was kind of cool scary…


…until I noticed the ghetto control panel on the front of his suit.


Four…light switches?  That’s all the perks you get for trying to take over the universe?  It seems a little Space Balls-ish.  I assume the first switch is to make his suit colder/hotter, the second for massage, the third to destroy the universe, and the red one is for milkshakes? 

On the way out I passed a sign that told me that the guy who did Yoda’s voice also voiced Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and Cookie Monster.  I don’t know if that alone was worth the price of admission but at this point, I decided I wouldl take it.

Campanelle with roasted vegetables
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
Toffee cookie bars, jam thumbprints, and orange almond bars*

*Some people do stress-eating.  I do stress-baking. 

do stres


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