Where in the World is MrsMouthy, ed. 3

For our second day in Phoenix Kevin and I went to the Botanical Gardens, which is about the only time during the trip I whipped out the camera.  Normally, standing on a trail staring at a cactus wouldn’t do much for Kevin, but it was 70 degrees and sunny, so we would have stood outside looking for hours at a single blade of grass and still loved it.

The cacti had all kinds of cute names, like “Organ Cactus” and “Powder Puff” but the only name we found truly fitting was a cactus called “Ankle Thrasher.”  Kevin said if he ever gets the chance to name a cactus he’ll name it “Bloody Footprints.”









Kevin made me spend about five minutes getting this next picture just right.


For dinner that night we went out for Mexican food with Renee and a mutual friend (Keiko of Keeping up with the Dilbecks), plus our prospective husbands. We drove through south Phoenix to get there and I kept forgetting I was in the U.S.  It really looks like Mexico, and it also really looks like it could use a good hug. 

Kevin told me on the way down he was excited for dinner because we would now have enough people for our human centipede.  He cinched the MVP of the Trip award with that one.

If the food at Dos Molinos had been any closer to “real” Mexican food, we would have actually been eating a Mexican, so we were pleased.  Keiko is just as fun as Renee, though everyone at the table was so much younger than me and Kevin that we couldn’t follow the conversation at times.  They mainly just kept quoting from Justin Bieber songs. 

After dinner we tucked them all in bed, read them a story, and went back to our hotel room before they could even ask for a cup of water.

More tomorrow…

Take out?

4 thoughts on “Where in the World is MrsMouthy, ed. 3

  1. cool cacti shots….got some yummy bokeh in those…I think we need to see some sun around here to achieve shots like that.

  2. To be fair, we were also singing the new Rebecca Black song, but you are so old you didn’t even know that.

  3. I just wanted to point out that it’s going to be 82 here today, I’ve known you almost all my life and I’m not at all racist. Come visit me!

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