Where in the World is MrsMouthy, ed. 1

So Kevin and I went to AZ last week to meet a fellow blogger, Renee of mommyblogyay (the “yay” is silent).  It was pretty much the equivalent of going on a blind date with Ree Drummond.  For Renee, anyway.

Renee, for those who don’t know, has two children and is legally blind.  I feel weird writing that in the same way I’d feel weird describing a friend by saying she “has two children and is black.”  It’s not the blindness that defines Renee, but if I didn’t point it out and then one day you met her you’d be kind of surprised I hadn’t mentioned it before.  So now you know.  She is blind, but she is not black.

Our plane to Phoenix, as all planes I have ever been on, nearly crashed about seven different times.  No one seemed to notice but me.  I spent much of the flight worrying that someone had loosened all the bolts on the outside of the plane and, because no one checks all the bolts before take off, at any minute we were about to break into 1,000 pieces and rain down on the desert at any moment.  The only thing that prevented this from happening was my hyperventilating, which somehow held everything together. 

Kevin spent the plane ride playing Angry Birds.

As we stood in the line at Budget car rentals, I told Kevin I’m all right with Budget Car but if a Budget Airlines ever pops up, I think I’ll just walk.

About halfway through dinner at the hotel that night we realized we had left the kids at home.   There was much rejoicing.  (We love them so much but they have really been kicking our butts lately.)  We spent the rest of dinner talking about all the things we could do on vacation without the kids, then went back to the hotel room and started doing them right away. 

My favorite:

Letting cords hang temptingly off the counter.

Our hotel room was beautiful—here’s the view from our sliding door:


My only complaint was there were too many mirrors around the place.  This one, for example, gives you a clear shot of yourself going to the bathroom.


I had never before known what I look like when I wipe.

I miss the old days.

Okay, I’ve already written enough that you’ve had to scroll down and I haven’t even gotten to the Meeting of Renee yet.  I’m going to milk this thing for awhile, though, so check back tomorrow.

Taco soup

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