Three things with zero connection to each other

1.  I have begun watching American Idol for my first time ever this year.  Holy monkey balls, this show is AWESOME!  Why did nobody ever tell me how good it was?  Now I’ve gone and wasted the past ten years of my life not watching it.  I’m holding all of you responsible.

2.  Is it just me, ladies, or the first time you use a new razor on your legs does it burn a little and leave you with tiny red bumps on your legs afterwards?  One of these days I’m going to open a business called “Once-Used Razors” to eliminate that problem.  The senoritas in that sweat shop might have red, burning legs, but they’ll never have a hair on them.  And I’m going to be a millionaire.

3.  Why does my neighbor’s heather look like this…


and mine look like this?


Breakfast for dinner, WOOT WOOT!

One thought on “Three things with zero connection to each other

  1. I haven’t been a faithful American Idol viewer in the past. I’m not faithful now either but I like it a lot better this year. They hit gold with their judges!

    The difference in the Heather? Your neighbors have more rocks. Obviously there are valuable fertilizing properties in rocks. Buy some more rocks and start watering them and it will make a HUGE impact on your garden 🙂

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