Vest is Best

Two significant things happened this week.  The first is that Vincenzo changed his nickname from “V” to “Vest.”  We’re not exactly sure why—something to do with an astronaut vest at school—but it has inspired us to choose new nicknames for ourselves.  I’ve chosen Scarf, or, on formal occasions, Scarf Ace.  *groan*  Kevin snatched up Chaps McGruff, and Rocco will henceforth be referred to as Rocco Polo.

So there you have it.  Please begin calling us our new names immediately.

And the second significant thing…


Yes, the losing of the first tooth.

I have always said that when Vincenzo gets his first loose tooth we’re sending him to boarding school until his last baby tooth falls out of his mouth, and then we’ll take him back again.  I am squeamish about many things, and wiggling teeth is pretty near the top—somewhere below falling into a pit of snakes and somewhere above surviving off of slugs and earwigs for a week.

I thought we’d have more time with him before the whole boarding school thing, though.  I personally had to wait until the second grade to lose my first tooth (which was equally as demoralizing as having to wait until the ninth grade to get my first period).  Yet here Vincenzo is, not even in kindergarten, losing his teeth and probably also growing pubic hair.  I should probably check. 

Anyway, since Vincenzo has been born I’ve been wondering what he’s going to be best at.  He’s poo-poo’d reading, writing, art-ing, riding a bike, swimming, tying shoelaces, playing piano concertos, and countless other activities I’ve seen his friends take to.  And sometimes he forgets to wear underwear.*

Well now I finally have something to brag about.  My son is AWESOME at losing teeth.  I can’t wait for next year’s Christmas letter.

But I have to admit, I’m really going to miss him.

Going out, sans kids.  Who cares what’s cooking?!

*Disclaimer: For the future Vincenzo who might read this blog, and for any readers who are worried that I’ve just ruined all my son’s chances for a healthy self-esteem: I sometimes write things on my blog just to be funny.  True, Vincenzo hasn’t been all that interested in those activities I listed, and true I sometimes worry about it, but one thing my son has taught me is that it’s not what you do that matters…it’s who you are.  Vincenzo is the light of our lives and I never knew what love and pride were until the day I met him.**

**Rocco, too.

3 thoughts on “Vest is Best

  1. Thanks for including Rocco with the double **. I don’t want him feeling left out on the post about pubic hair, periods and lack of underpants. Morrie and I are placing bets on which one of your kids goes to therapy the longest. I think that gay cat of yours is winning.

  2. Madison will be madly jealous. Just upon the mention of kindergarten, she begins trying to wiggle each tooth since we apparently once read a book where a kid lost a tooth in kindergarten. She is so jazzed (yep – I just used that word).

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