Of leprechauns and poopy things

Last night after Vincenzo went to bed I hid a bag of gold coins in the couch cushions then placed clues for it all over the house.  (For clues I took pictures of various places in the house and paper-clipped them to shamrocks.)

Today shortly after Vincenzo woke up, the phone rang.  It was a leprechaun calling to tell him, in a very General American accent that some leprechauns have, that Vincenzo would never find the pot o’ gold left in his house.  Actually, the conversation went more like this:

*ring ring*
Vincenzo: Hello?
Leprechaun: Hi!
V: Hi.
*long pause*
L: Hello?
V: Hello
L: Hi.
V: Dad?
Leprechaun (in much higher voice): Hi!

Sometimes, I have to do all the work around here.  Once I got it out there about the pot o’ gold hidden in the house, the leprechaun refused to tell us where it was.  Vincenzo then threatened the leprechaun with poopy diaper duty until he leaked the first clue.  And so the hunt began.

And if the leprechaun sent Vincenzo to the TV console but forgot to hide a clue in there, and if he hid the final clue to find the pot o’ gold with the gold itself, it didn’t make Mom look dumb.  It just made the leprechaun look all the more smarter.  (And all the more smarter sounding too!)

After our pot o’ gold search I showed Vincenzo the carton of milk, still white, then let him watch as I  poured it in his empty cup where it magically turned green.  Mind…blown.

We spent the rest of the day touring Safeco field, and when I came home and opened the door to the house, I reeled back.  “Something smells like poop in here!  Watch your step, everyone…”

Not poop, after all; just the corned beef and cabbage simmering away upstairs.  I forget that every year around this time when I decide it would be the perfect thing to make for St. Patrick’s Day.  Why couldn’t the Irish just have invented pizza?

Corned beef & cabbage
Potatoes with all the fixin’s
Salad (thanks M)
Bailey’s cheesecake (that I didn’t have any Bailey’s for so now it’s a white chocolate cheesecake)

2 thoughts on “Of leprechauns and poopy things

  1. I sure hope you drankii baileys with that cheesecake. p.s. I did a brilliant thing this year and cooked my corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot…OUTSIDE! IT was awesome.

  2. I told B that everyone wore green today because when the Irish ran out of food the Mexicans told them about guacamole, which resulted in a guac feast. It still didn’t sell him on guacamole (more for me), but then again, St. Patty’s Day never sold me on corned beed and cabbage.

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