When Irish dyes are smiling…

Seriously.  Shoot me the next time I write a title like that.

I thought I’d post my St. Patty’s Day picture early in case any of you are bored and have a bunch of flat-bottomed coffee filters that don’t fit your new coffee maker lying around.  We had all the materials for the flowers on hand (probably about $.30 worth of coffee filters, skewers, and dye) and and then we spent $10 for the Styrofoam beads to fill the vase.  It was our way to “reduce, reuse, recycle, and buy lots of Styrofoam.”



Here’s the link for making the flowers:


Sea bass with Mexicana-Chinoise sauce
Couscous with carrots and peas
Mint chocolate chip cookies

2 thoughts on “When Irish dyes are smiling…

  1. Lord, no, Suzanne. I can just see myself individually painting and glitterering 200 Styrofoam balls. As it was, I walked into Ben Franklin and stumbled on them–the only color they had was green so I knew it was destiny.

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