Rocco Talk-o

Rocco’s newest vocab:

haaannnn: honk (meaning “I want to honk that guy over there’s nose”)
eng eng: ring ring (often said while walking around the house with the camera to his ear, calling “Dada”)
sound of coughing up a hairball: yuck
va! vvvvv: something dropped (usually followed by a chest-bruising version of the “help” sign)
bah bah: star (as in “Screw you, English language.  You suck.  I’m going to do my own thing from now on, nana nana boo boo.”


Rocco’s newest trick: Closing the toilet lid whenever we leave it open because he knows he can’t be trusted around an open toilet


Rocco’s newest hobby: rearranging the cat food


And, as Rocco is currently standing in his crib, screaming, I best be going now.

MIL’s taking care of it!


3 thoughts on “Rocco Talk-o

  1. So cute! It’s amazing how much he looks like V in that last picture. Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

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