Something’s fishy about this post…*

We went to the aquarium with our zoo vet friend today.  It was definitely worth the price of admission ($8 with our discount card) and probably also worth the price of parking ($19 with the aquarium discount).  We ate lunch while watching a scuba diver, who then invited the kids upstairs to watch her change.  S-l-o-w-l-y. 

Kidding about the s-l-o-w-l-y thing.  But we did go upstairs for the show.

Here she is, stripped down to her skivvies.  Viewer discretion advised.


She left quite the impression on Rocco, who walked around the aquarium like this afterwards:


It’s pretty cool hanging out with a zoo vet.  We walked by the otters and she told us how one of them was rescued from some guy’s bathtub and she helped raise it to adulthood before it came to the aquarium.  We passed a kind of fish that she helped spade at her zoo so it wouldn’t die of a stuck egg sac (or something like that).  Fish surgery is seriously awesome, and I don’t mean McStreamy’s kind of awesome either.  We’re talking “oxygen masks” for the fish that continually flow water through their gills to help them breath while anesthized on the operating table.  You think that’s about as awesome as it gets, and then she invites you to a tiger surgery she’s doing in a couple weeks.  Everyone should have a zoo vet friend.

Zoo vet friends also don’t have to pretend they’re not afraid to touch the sea anemones because they’re not actually afraid to touch the sea anemones. 


The boys, for their part, were totally into the fish.


I lie.  They were shooting missiles at a tireless fleet of enemy war craft that looked a lot like fish.

The aquarium has mystery boxes to stick your hands into.  Welcome to Truth or Dare, boys.


Anyway.  Fish knowledge.  We has it.



Florentine frittata
Butternut squash risotto
Pumpkin bars with browned butter frosting

*Seriously, if someone would just go ahead and do away with blog post titles, Blogland would be a much happier place.

6 thoughts on “Something’s fishy about this post…*

  1. I LOVE that giant fish tank and that last photo. Are you serious about the tiger surgery? I’d pay to see that. I need some new friends.

  2. I am serious about the tiger surgery, though we wouldn’t actually be able to watch the surgery–just see the tigers at the end of the surgery. But I realized later that day that we’re heading out of town on the day of the tiger surgery. I am VERY cranky.

  3. Neener neener, McStreamy, the date of the tiger surgery is getting changed. Probably for me.

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