MrsMouthy’s Deep Thoughts

1. I’ve been thinking about my strong aversion to Facebook lately, and I’ve come up with a reason for my distaste.  Facebook is just too darn polite for me.  You can “like” things all over the place, but where’s the button for “dislike?”    Why can’t you click a “who cares?” button or a “farting noise” button? 

Just sayin’. 

2. Sometimes when I throw things away, like pennies or polished rocks from Vincenzo’s rock collection that he leaves lying around, I imagine a child in a third world country poring over the dump for scraps of metal, then coming across the polished rock and lighting up all over—holding the rock to her chest, dreaming of the exotic land it came from, cherishing her little gem forever as a sign that better things are just around the corner and she is special because she has a shiny rock.  Thinking of that kind of gives me the warm fuzzies all over when the big garbage trucks roll around.

3.  And now, pictures.  Not deep, just cute.

Rocco, looking at snow:


Rocco, signing “cold” at snow:


Rocco, exhausted from his efforts:


Chicken Kiev
Butternut squash risotto

9 thoughts on “MrsMouthy’s Deep Thoughts

  1. I looked the same way after falling asleep on my way to bed…or was it when I fell out of bed…I can’t remember.

  2. OK, I feel like my blog is a big lie now because Rocco is actually wide awake, looking for the cat who lives under the bed. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

    Jnet, quit raining on my garbage parade!!!

  3. I’ve heard some of the guys at the dump sometimes take home stuff they like. Maybe one of them likes polished rocks.

    Why would you throw away pennies?

  4. McStreamy: I throw away pennies because it makes me feel rich to throw away money.

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