Quickies & pix


Me: What did you learn about in school today, Vincenzo?
V: That frogs live in ponds and lay eggs.
Me: Oh…and what are they called when they hatch from eggs?
V: Froglings.

(I told him he should let his teachers know about the froglings but he insisted that they’re the ones who told him about the froglings in the first place.)


Vincenzo, as we were driving over 520 bridge: Someday, when I grow up and build a floating bridge, I’m going to put up a sign that says NO TRUCKS OVER 90 POUNDS.


We got a day off of the grayness around here for a little bit of white.  Is this a sign that I’m supposed to go with the all-white bedroom despite my readers’ advice against it?




Rocco remains unconvinced.


Going out!

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