Inside MrsMouthy’s Bedroom

I’m thinking about redesigning our master bedroom.  It was one of the first rooms in the house I decorated.




As you can see from the 4-foot tall camel and the 6-foot tall giraffe, Cost Plus Imports is just minutes away from our house.

Before you let loose your snarky derision of of my bedroom and tell me I should throw away everything, including the cat, I should mention that I actually really like my bedroom.  The walls are sponge painted yellow so that no matter how gray or dreary is outside, it always seems sunny when you walk into my room.

The problem is that, thanks to a wall of west-facing windows, this room gets amazing light and it’s where I take most photos—at least any staged photos.


Well, that’s not actually the problem.  The real problem is that, thanks to my yellow walls, everyone looks fairly jaundiced in the photos and I have to do a lot of photo editing.  I really suck at photo editing.

So I’ve been thinking it would be fun to change my bedroom to be all white—to be a dual purpose love nest and photography studio, if you will.  Something like this:


(In which case we’ll have to upgrade the cat after all.)

I’m torn, though.  I like the all white look, and it would be so fun to have a pseudo photography studio, and there would be considerable less whining about photos on my part…but I’d be giving up the sunshine feel, which is kind of like a prisoner asking the jailer to put a curtain over the one tiny window in his cell.

I can’t believe the things I have to struggle with while other people in the world are worrying about such petty things as food, shelter, and not getting shot by their fellow countrymen.

Anyway, back to my hugely important problem.  Help me out, readers.   If it is truly Obama’s America, then I know it’s time for change.  But does that slogan apply to bedrooms too?

Kalbi marinated flank steak
Fried polenta sticks
Minestrone soup
Chocolate-chocolate chip cookies…if there are any left by dinnertime!\


7 thoughts on “Inside MrsMouthy’s Bedroom

  1. If you really like your bedroom, why change it? Maybe you just need to rearrange? Maybe some new bedding? It is hard to tell from the pictures, could you re-arrange the bed so that you can see more of the view out towards the deck? But looking at the pictures, I’d say amp up the bedding.

  2. I think I’m allergic to white furnishings. It would be a matter of days before it would be dirty and dingey. Keep the black cat 🙂

  3. I would never paint it all white. I can not imagine having an all white room with a black cat and two small children. I love the yellow in your room. It is awesome!

  4. We are redoing our master as well. The funny thing is, I think I am going with all white furniture, and navy/white bedding with red throw pillows and am considering painting the walls white as well.Only because I love to change the bedding all the damn time.

  5. A white bedroom sounds cold. It would also be way too easy to see the bugs that live in your moulding. I think you should let us vote on some of your favorite photos and then build your new bedrooom around our choices.

  6. Am I allowed to comment this late? I love your blog and follow it via Reader, but sometimes get to reading it late. I love the idea of a white bedroom. The great thing about all white items is that you can bleach them and it comes out all perfectly white again. Much easier to deal with stains on all white than a pattern actually I think. If you don’t want all white, you could go with a light color on the walls – like a light blue, aqua. If you want any ideas, just send me an e-mail. I love this stuff!

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