Friday’s Week in Review*

1.  Vincenzo announced on Monday that he will no longer be referred to as “D” (the name he began insisting on at 18 months old).  He will now be called “V.” 


2. Rocco switched from calling Kevin “Dada” to calling him “Mama,” so we’ve all taken to calling Kevin “Big Momma” (or sometimes “Biggie Moms”).  Rocco might walk into the bathroom in the morning, for example, and we’ll say, “Look, there’s Big Momma, shaving her neck.  Doesn’t she look pretty!”

3.  A friend brought me a loaf of Pasta & Co’s “MANOUCHeSTER” bread and despite everything I’ve made in my WHAT’S COOKIN’ 2NITE section, about all I’ve eaten this week is that bread.  It is crack.

4.  Someone pooped in our living room, and I don’t want to incriminate anyone but I will say it was none of us, and none of us can stop laughing.

5.  Vincenzo, proudly: Mom, I just realized that ‘sink’ and ‘sink’ are the same word!
Me: What do you mean?
V: You know…something sinks in water, and it’s the same word as when you sink…with your brain!

6. Kevin got himself a new pair of underwear for Valentine’s Day.  I was rather unimpressed until he mentioned surreptitiously, “There’s a pocket on them.”  After a minute of some VERY awkward searching, I found exactly that.  A pocket.  One empty pocket on one pair of new underwear my husband bought himself for Valentine’s Day.**

I hope you all found something in your husbands’ pockets this week. 

Going out!

*I know that yesterday was not Thursday but that doesn’t necessarily mean today isn’t Friday…does it?

**At least it wasn’t as disappointing as our first Valentine’s Day, when we had been dating for a year and throwing around the word “marriage.” On that Valentine’s Day Kevin took out a ring-sized Tiffany’s box, put it in my hand, and made me guess what was inside.  I guessed wrong.  And that is how I discovered Cynicism.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Week in Review*

  1. I laughed through the whole post and all I can say is WOW! that last line is a kicker. He is a very lucky man!

  2. I’m not sure how to put this. That’s not a pocket, Kevin. It’s a tool for men that are too lazy to pull the waistband down a couple inches. And, Rachel, I’m so sorry that it’s empty.

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