My baby is 18 months old and does not sleep through the night


We spent from 1:15 to 2AM “ferberizing” him and thanking God that Vincenzo could sleep through a thunderstorm that rained screaming banshees if need be.  By the time Rocco fell asleep at 2AM my body had decided that it was morning and I should go ahead and just get up. 

I spent my time binging things like “WHY WON’T 18-MONTH-OLD SLEEP THROUGH NIGHT?”  Bing sent me to  Here are my favorites from Yahoo’s advice to “sexythickchick” on the same matter:

@ru.barbie2 (because apparently rubarbie must is already taken??) said that I should be potty training my 18-month-old by now and he probably just has to go to the bathroom

@jc20155: “I think you can give them a good shakin’ before bedtime to make ‘um sleepy, but I’m not sure about that.”

@thedawg: “I’m 46 Years Old I Have Been Sleeping A Couple Of Hours A Night All My Life 8/23/60”

@mamabird: “because he is so worried about his mother having a name like sexythickchick, he wants her to grow up and become self-respecting, responsible mother who puts him before herself. just a guess.”
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The sum of the other answers told me to put him to bed later, stop feeding him in the middle of the night, don’t get him out of the crib, put him to bed earlier, give him a bottle in the middle of the night, and let him sleep in my room. 

Thank you, Yahoo.  I might not know the answer but at least I know what to do now for the two hours it takes me to fall back to sleep after Rocco wakes up.


Probably Red Robin.  I am feeling like such a slacker lately.

7 thoughts on “My baby is 18 months old and does not sleep through the night

  1. Sugar didn’t sleep through the night past that age. I think she was closer to two, but I can’t remember for sure. I can’t blame the babes for wanting to be with us…we are awesome. 🙂

    What do you do when he wakes up usually? feed him? rock him? If I knew what you usually do…then maybe we could talk about what you might change to see if it helps.

  2. Usually when he wakes up (this night was an exception), we wait to see if he can cry himself back to sleep. If he escalates instead, we go in, put the binky in his mouth, don’t say a word, and tiptoe out. I’m not sure what we can do differently, and I guess we shouldn’t complain since he is so easy to fall back to sleep!

  3. I would tell you how well he sleeps through the night when you leave him at my house, only I don’t want to jinx it!

  4. I wish I had brilliant advice to give you but my husband and I were really lousy when it came to our children sleeping. We definitely had a family bed and we had children sleeping between us for years.

  5. You should have looked up your question on Bing……I have nothing to offer, mine didn’t sleep through the night until he hit 14 months. I tried everything.

    I had dinner over at a friend’s house this weekend, and listened to this chick lecture on how wonderful the ferber method is. By the time she wound down, I seriously wanted to hit her, but she has an infant so I didn’t. She spent all this time telling me how she got her child sleeping through the night so quickly. But then when she put him down for bedtime she wound up laying down with him for an hour, then gave up and broght him back to the dinner table. So much for sticking to a plan.

  6. Thank you so much for the laugh today! I have a 17 month old son who will not sleep so I binged “17 month old, etc” and one of the links was yours. I definitely needed the levity that your post brought to the situation. I hope by now your Rocco is sleeping through the night and maybe, just maybe my sweet son will be soon 🙂

  7. Lesley–Rocco is 2 now and definitely sleeping through the night. I can’t believe it was just 6 months ago we were in the midst of it all! My best advice is: hang in there. That’s all I got.

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