1. To my bloggy friend at Living in my Integrity, here’s the sunset you missed last Thursday:



Neiner neiner.

2.  To my bloggy friend at My Soccer Habit, thank you for running an Expose with MrsMouthy.  Readers, feel free to click here if you want to learn the answer to questions like, “Why does your son rarely wear pants?” and, “What is your biggest insecurity?”

3.  To my bloggy friend I’m going to visit this spring: I Bing’d your city for tourism and this is the first thing that came up.

“Waste Management Phoenix Open Annually sporting the largest crowds on the PGA TOUR…”

Just sayin’, it makes a big difference where you choose to capitalize and not.  Waste Management Phoenix Open (a golfing event) is quite different from Waste Management Phoenix Open Annually (which is a scary and disgusting thought).  If the capitalization is correct as written, I just really hope our visit coincides with the annual opening of waste management because after giving birth to three babies, I just can’t hold it like I used to.

Leftovers plus an apple gallette

5 thoughts on “Shout-outs

  1. On second thought, maybe the capitalization is correct? Either way, I’m just saying it’s open to interpretation.

  2. Ugh … so pretty. It just didn’t look the same through my window and screen. 🙂

    And who wants to get into the car and drive around looking for a sunset spot when my friend will post some pics of it on her blog the next week?


  3. There is nothing I like better than comments, but someone linking my blog to theirs has to be a close second…THEN baby feet in footie pajamas, baby hands hugging a mommy’s neck, babies sleeping, well…you get the general idea.

  4. I am CRYING! Tears running down my face, laughing out loud. THANK YOU! The last line of your blog entry just made my week.

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