You say “Quit It,” I say, “Make me!”

Kevin has been encouraging me to delete some of our one million pictures and videos from the computer lately, starting with the earliest ones first.  It’s a fun way to do some spring cleaning while sitting on the couch watching Kendra, and it’s oddly satisfying to delete virtual files that don’t actually take up physical space. 

But readers, I need your help with deciding whether to keep or delete this video from my and Kevin’s (mine and Kevin’s?  Kevin and mine’s?)—anyway, from our first road trip to Glacier, MO.  We had been dating for four months and we had about 30 hours in the car to kill.

Warning: this 2-minute video contains only 30 seconds of funny.

So…keep or cut?

Leftover falafels and spanakopita (restaurant-made)


7 thoughts on “You say “Quit It,” I say, “Make me!”

  1. Keep it – show it to the kids when they acuse you of not having a sense of humor. At least there is proof that at one point, long ago, Mommy and Daddy were capable of being silly.

    The music is good too.

    I thought you were singing too at first!

  2. I going to guess on what Kevin was thinking. Especially at the moments when he cracked a smile. “Man! I am totally going to ask this chick to marry me. She is F-U-N!”

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