A nice piece of a**

My MIL loves to tell the story of her wedding shower when her MIL-to-be gifted her a set of his-and-her lingerie she had made entirely from Saran Wrap.  (This same MIL became the GIL who gifted me with the genetically “correct” male and female frogs.)  So I guess I shouldn’t be extremely surprised when she—my MIL—sent me this picture for my blog this week.  It’s called “When Men Bake.”


I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to do with this other than share it with the world, tie an apron around Kevin’s waist, and send a thank you card to my in-laws. 

Or maybe it’s you who should be sending me the thank you card. 

At any rate, now I’m left to struggle with the question of whether to bake these up for my in-laws on Mother’s Day or if they would be more appropriate to make them on Father’s Day.  I guess it doesn’t matter, as either way they are going to be totally boobalicious.

Vincenzo: Master of Words

1. During the football games on Sunday, when the VISA commercial came on with the two old guys who have attended every Superbowl ever…

“I don’t know why they’re so excited about superballs anyway.”

2. Last week when I was exercising with a Microsoft Kinect program and “mountain biking” came up…

“You better watch out, Mom, because I have a crush on mountain biking!”

3. A conversation:

Kevin: Do you notice the patteren [sic] of the Christmas lights?
Vincenzo: Yup, I know what the pattern is.
K: Did you just say “pattern?”  You usually say, “patteren.”
V: Yup, pattern.  I can say lots of things now.  Like…nutricity!
K: Nutricity?
V: Listen to how fast I can say it.  “Nutricity!”

And he’s right.  That’s probably the fastest anyone ever has said “nutricity” before.

Vegetable noodle soup
Grilled cheese sandwiches

I’m so excited I could whisper-scream!

Shhhhh!  It’s 5:22AM and for the first time in 18 months the baby slept through the night.  Not just the clinical definition of sleeping through the night (five hours) (HA!), but he slept from 7PM until…until a time TBD!!!!  I don’t know how he missed his 11:00 crying and the 1:00 crying and then also the 3:00 crying.  I’m not sure why he forgot to wake up at 5 and scream until we got him out of bed at 6. 

I just know that not only did Rocco sleep through the night but I did too!  Write it down in my baby book, Mom.

Also TBD

Still on break but feeling guilty about it

Because I have been around relatives so much the last two weeks and because I make it a point to not blog about my relatives, I still have nothing to blog about.  I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I may just hurt some feelings just by simply mentioning that I could potentially hurt their feelings.  I’m such a jerk.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures to tide you over until it’s just us again and I can freely make fun of my immediate family.






Cornbread taco bake

Thoughtless Thursday: me on Christmas

Is it unethical to do a Thoughtless Thursday post using pictures someone else took?  Probably.  But my pictures were mainly blurry and poorly composed, and worst of all, none of them were pictures of ME ME ME.  So here it is: Me on Christmas.  (Thanks, BIL, for all the photos!)  (Of ME!)

Me being cautious on my nephew’s new RipStik Caster Board:


Me being confident on my nephew’s new Ripstik Caster Board:


Me taking a picture that will ultimately be orangeish and blurry and cause me to say, “ARRRRRGGHHH!”


Me being appropriately blown away by my nephews’ artwork in the annual family calendar:


Me attacking my brother with my son’s new mace (hey, he asked for it—no one MADE him wear a sweater vest):


Me attacking a 7-year-old child with my son’s new mace while also looking sexy:


Me setting up my mom’s antique nativity set after smashing it while attacking a 7-year-old child with my son’s new mace while also looking sexy:


Me trying to get my Pictionary teammates to realize I was drawing a picture of “imprint”:


Me trying to look like the middle child instead of the middle-ish child I am:


Will return shortly…

Sorry blogosphere; I’m in the midst of celebrating second Christmas with the in-laws.  Will make time for being funny later.  In the meantime, if anyone could offer an explanation for why Vincenzo now calls himself the “One Legged Man Show” we’d be extremely grateful.

WHAT’S COOKIN’ 2NITE (i.e. why I didn’t blog today):
Frenched pork loin with mostarda
Butternut squash pudding
Lemon pasta
Shrimp and avocado on endive
Salad with green beans and craisins
Snowmen cookies
Triple chocolate peppermint trifle