Of shutter speeds and a-holes

My mom, BIL, and I took a “get to know your camera” class this weekend.  It was way beneath my BIL, way above my mom, and just right for me.  I entertained myself throughout class by periodically asking my BIL, who has a photography studio in his house, if he needed any help with what the teacher was saying. 

I brought cookies for the class, natch.  That way, anytime the professor asked me a question I could just answer with, “But I brought cookies!” 

Michael spent most of class making the rest of us look bad by making us look good (in his photos).  He also actually took notes during class, which I was too lazy to do.  But I did take an opportunity to practice manual focus on Michael’s notes:


We were asked to bring our camera manuals to class, and as BIL had both of ours, he brought them for us.


Look a little closer.  Bottom right-hand corner.

Yes, that reads “INSTRUCCIONES.”  How hard core is that to show up for an introductory photography class with your entire manual in Spanish?*

We spent the first half of class taking pictures of the carpet and wall.  It took me about five minutes to take this next shot.  I’m not being funny.


In the afternoon we moved on to aperture settings.  For those who don’t know, aperture is the size of your lens opening, which was referred to in class as “hole.”  The prof kept saying things like, “I have a huge hole,” and, “How big is your hole?”  I have no idea why  I was the only one in the classroom audibly giggling while everyone else fiddled with their holes.    Have they forgotten everything they learned in junior high?

The class was actually really good and even Michael learned something from it.  Here are a few shots from the day







Goin’ out!!

*Because I know it will bother my BIL if I don’t mention it, I should point out the Spanish manuals were not his mistake.  I will protect the identity of the person whose fault it really was.**

**It was my sister, Jnet.

6 thoughts on “Of shutter speeds and a-holes

  1. Rachel – I would have been laughing right there with you. The other day a co-worker told a group of us, “I love Dicks” (meaning the hamburger joint) to which I started laughing to the point of tears while everyone else moved on to a different topic. I felt like a 12 year old. 🙂

  2. seriouisly…..you can’t be too concerned with the size of your hole, because size really does matter. 🙂

    oh and love your shots. especially the chain and the water droplet one. 🙂 glad you had a successful day.

  3. SERIOUSLY, people can still call it Bellevue Community College. No matter what size their hole is.

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