Vincenzo for President

1. V: Back in the time of dinosaurs, humans hadn’t been invented yet, right?


V: I’m hot.  Can I have something to cool me down?
M: Sure…like an apple?  Or yogurt?
V: An apple.
[Takes apple]
V: Know why I chose apple, Mom?
M: Because it’s cool and crisp?
V: No…because an apple you can rub all over your body but yogurt you can’t.

3. And for his final act, a snippet from one of the epic battles between Kevin and Vincenzo.  Amidst all the swords and battle axes, the laser eyes and force fields, the fight took this turn:

K: Turn into porcupine
V: Turn into ant
K: Turn into magnifying glass
V: Turn into porcupine
K: Turn into ant
V: Step on ant


Old food that smells probably okay

One thought on “Vincenzo for President

  1. I love those kid discussions, though I’m not sure I’m really learning how their brains work ’cause I feel confused most of the time.

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