The Key Lime Pie Incident of 2006

So back in 2001 when Kevin and I were first dating and spending all our free time casting each other withering glances and making other people uncomfortable…


…we went to Denny’s one night for pie.*  He ordered the Key Lime and, somewhere during the evening, commented, “I like this pie.  Key Lime is my favorite kind of pie.”

Everyone, take note.  I did.

Over the next few years I’d remember how much my Honey Bear loved Key Lime pie and I’d make it for him.  On one such occasion, amidst the company of friends, someone else commented on how good the pie was. 

“Thanks,” I said.  “Key Lime is Kevin’s favorite.” 

Kevin nearly upset the table when he yelled, “Why do you always say that?  I’ve never said Key Lime is my favorite kind of pie!”

Well.  For any of you who know me well, you know I’m NEVER wrong.  Kevin, apparently, did not  know me that well.  He also didn’t know that I am the most strong-willed (okay, STUBBORN) person I’ve ever met.**

Ideas began being birthed.

Later in the week I served Kevin peaches that my sister and I had laboriously canned ourselves, braving the heat of the kitchen multiplied by August’ boiling heat one summer evening, as canning peaches always goes.  As I put the peaches in front of K he said, “I don’t know why you bother to can these yourself.  They taste the same as store bought.”

Ideas were cemented.

I pack Kevin’s lunch every day.  It’s a bit of sweetness I do to make up for all my sass.  The two canceled themselves out over the next two months though as every morning I lovingly packed Kevin:

1 slice of Key Lime pie
1 store bought can of peaches
1 can opener

Two months, people.  It took Kevin two months of that lunch to finally come home from work one day and announce, “I can’t do this anymore.  You were right.  You were right about everything!” 

And so it was (re)determined:  Key Lime pie is Kevin’s favorite kind of pie and my canned peaches are way better than store bought.

Oh, and Kevin learned why I am always right.

Crisped brown rice with beef, vegetables, and eggs
Almond bars (that I almost died over, they’re so good!)

*Another great story.  Remind me to tell it to you one of these days.
**Remember, this was before I had kids

5 thoughts on “The Key Lime Pie Incident of 2006

  1. Wow. I am now trying to think of something that Morrie doesn’t realize I am right about and somehow incorporate that into his lunch (that I don’t pack). By the way, you are published!

  2. Hmm, since I stink at most wifely things, there isn’t any way that I can repeatedly drive home the point of my rightness… which I would never do because I am so often WRONG and I know it.


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