Are fish colorblind?

Vincenzo is taking swimming lessons again and we love the program that caters to water-phobic kids (or, as I like to call them, weinies).  The instructors have been great, the pool is 91 degrees, and Vincenzo can get through a whole class without even messing up his surfer haircut. 

The monthly newsletter, though—that I’m not so sure about.  For example, the newsletter points out they are offering a “Stroke Class” which Kevin keeps telling me I should sign up for, huh, huh.  I, however, am more interested in listening to the “Swimming Radio Show” to see if I can learn how to do the butterfly while I’m sitting in rush hour traffic.  (Or the stroke, Kevin reminds me.  Maybe I can learn how to stroke while I’m in rush hour traffic.)

Anyway, I was a little surprised to see an article in this month’s newsletter on why black people can’t swim.  Sure, they called it the “Historical Basis on Why African Americans Don’t Swim,” but it did not escape my attention that swim classes are canceled on President’s Day yet they are not canceled on Martin Luther King Day.  I guess if black people can’t swim, they shouldn’t be taking days off.

Maybe the program (which we really do love) should change its motto from “We take the fear out of learning to swim” to “Your kid might not be able to swim but at least he’s not black.” 

But if he were, you could totally sign him up for the stroke class so he could practice his blackstroke.

And now I am going to go say ten Hail Marys for my corrupt soul.

Salmon in brandy sauce
Fresh buccatini in alfredo sauce
Steamed green beans
Orange pecan yams
Chocolate chip cookies

4 thoughts on “Are fish colorblind?

  1. I found the linked article to be fascinating. I actually had no idea that people thought African Americans can’t swim – seriously, what does skin color have to do with swimming? I did have someone tell me once that black people don’t like dogs… THAT sort of surprised me. Sweeping generalizations are usually wrong and often ridiculous.

    Your comment on my blog was funny. Nothing racist here Mrs. Mouthy. Racism represents fear and hatred – that isn’t present in your post.

    I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I am laughing so hard I spit my water all over my computer and I am having to think about breathing. I really needed that

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