Three questions, seeking responses

1. I sent this tub of pistachios to work with Kevin in his lunch this week and it came back untouched, presumably because cracking them open would be too taxing on his delicate hands.


So tell me:  Should I do the stubborn thing and continue to send them to work with him, the nice thing and shell the pistachios for him, or the sarcastic thing and shell the pistachios then send only the shells to work with him?*

2. The next question is simply: “Cute or Gross?”  Every winter around this time we end up with ladybugs in our master bedroom and bathroom.  We’ve never understood why until Kevin noticed this in a corner of our crown molding:


There are about 15 ladybugs visible and who knows how many underneath the molding. 

Ladybugs are cute, right?  So is this a Corner of eXtreme Cuteness in my room?  Or is it disgusting to have a corner of our room wriggling and writhing with insects and their creepy little larvae?

3.  Rocco stopped nursing early in December.  I tossed all the bottles because he drinks real milk out of real cups now.  My boobs have returned to “Snack Size Ziploc Baggie” size and shape. 

And yet, I have a freezer full of this:


You’re looking at about 30 bags of frozen breast milk.  I was not one of those moms who produced gallons of milk at a sitting.  Each of these bags took at least 20 minutes of pump time, sometimes longer.  Add in the prep and washing time and this is about 15 hours of my life.  It was worth it because this milk bought me feelings of security, of freedom, of peace of mind.

I took this milk out of the freezer for a brief photo shoot (people who blog document everything, just in case).  I planned to trash it afterwards but then had a change of heart and returned it, expired and useless though it is, to the freezer.  I just couldn’t bear to rinse 15 hours of my life down the drain.  I couldn’t throw out my feelings of security, freedom, and peace of mind with the weekly trash.

So…do any of you creative folks out there have any ideas for what I can do with 120 ounces of slightly expired, much cherished, freezer burned breast milk?

Chicken with mostarda
Fresh pasta (we love the pasta maker, Wendy!)

*One of these days remind me to tell about the last time I messed with Kevin’s lunches.  It was the last time Kevin ever tried to win an argument against me.

8 thoughts on “Three questions, seeking responses

  1. I think that this quote from They Ladybug Lady ( will help to clear up a lot of things about what is going on in your bedroom:

    Ladybugs release pheromones, it is sort of like “perfume” to attract other ladybugs. They use pheromones as a means of communication during mating and hibernation. Insect pheromones are very powerful. They can be detected by others up to a 1/4 mile away. This helps ladybugs find each other and it lets future generations know of a good place to “camp out” for the winter. The pheromones don’t go away easily. The chemical “scent” can remain year after year, and not only on the outside of a structure, but also within the walls, where ladybugs tend to hide before emerging into your home. So, scrubbing pheromones off a house is a BIG task, if not impossible.

  2. 1. Maybe he doesn’t like pistachios. I think you should shell each nut and eat them yourself. Then, insert something like red hots or jelly beans in the shells and carefully glue them back together. Put them back in his lunch bag. Photograph results and report back.
    2. Google “Asian Lady Beetle”
    3. I’m not eating anything dairy at your house for a long time.

  3. Although I think it is a funny idea to send the shells back with him, it might not be worth it when he gets revenge (oh yes, nut pranks are serious to the guys).

    You are going to have to let go of those fifteen hours or go on the show Hoarders – I’m tired of seeing stuffed animals and cat feces. Bring on the breast milk!

  4. My husband worked with a guy who complained to his wife one time that he didn’t get a spoon in his lunch.. the next day his lunch was nothing but spoons. I say bring on the empty nut sack!

    as for problems 2 & 3.. there must be away to maybe poison the bugs with the expired breast milk….?

  5. #1) Keep sending, like a child if he gets hungry enough, he’ll eat them.
    #2)Ladybugs are thought to be a sign of good luck and wealth, with what Casey added about pheremones, I would leave them be.
    #3) I read somewhere that breastmilk is GREAT for plants. Dillute it and use it to water your garden. It might be the new organic Miracle Grow!

  6. 1. Either keep sending as is or send with shells only. Do NOT shell them for him and send the nuts – trust me – you don’t want to start that. Doing less is better. 😉

    2. Ladybugs outside your house, or ONE Ladybug at a time INSIDE your house – cute. Massive amounts of ladybugs inside your house … Um … gross. Get it looked at.

    3. Is it too expired to give to a Breast Milk Bank – they are always in so much need. Otherwise … I don’t know, sorry. 😦

  7. I would definitely look into donating the milk! I have no specific resources to help with that, but I know there are people out there that would love to have it. I never made enough, so if our kids were the same age I would have used it for you!

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