Vincenzo: Master of Words

1. During the football games on Sunday, when the VISA commercial came on with the two old guys who have attended every Superbowl ever…

“I don’t know why they’re so excited about superballs anyway.”

2. Last week when I was exercising with a Microsoft Kinect program and “mountain biking” came up…

“You better watch out, Mom, because I have a crush on mountain biking!”

3. A conversation:

Kevin: Do you notice the patteren [sic] of the Christmas lights?
Vincenzo: Yup, I know what the pattern is.
K: Did you just say “pattern?”  You usually say, “patteren.”
V: Yup, pattern.  I can say lots of things now.  Like…nutricity!
K: Nutricity?
V: Listen to how fast I can say it.  “Nutricity!”

And he’s right.  That’s probably the fastest anyone ever has said “nutricity” before.

Vegetable noodle soup
Grilled cheese sandwiches


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