I’m so excited I could whisper-scream!

Shhhhh!  It’s 5:22AM and for the first time in 18 months the baby slept through the night.  Not just the clinical definition of sleeping through the night (five hours) (HA!), but he slept from 7PM until…until a time TBD!!!!  I don’t know how he missed his 11:00 crying and the 1:00 crying and then also the 3:00 crying.  I’m not sure why he forgot to wake up at 5 and scream until we got him out of bed at 6. 

I just know that not only did Rocco sleep through the night but I did too!  Write it down in my baby book, Mom.

Also TBD


7 thoughts on “I’m so excited I could whisper-scream!

  1. LB: If it weren’t for the baby monitor I would totally be rushing into the nursery with the defibrillator.

    MCS: I’ve been going to bed at 8 so me getting up at 5 is like a normal person getting up at 9.

  2. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! I’m blog screaming for you!

    My baby (of course, he is a DOG) is not sleeping through the night (1:00, 4:00 here). However, I’m fairly sure I don’t have 18 months of this to look forward too (Oh for the love of all that is good PLEASE don’t let this last 18 months).

    I’m really happy for you!

  3. I totally remember that moment when James first slept a full 12 hours because unlike my son I couldn’t sleep. It was as if a switch got flipped it was so sudden; one moment baby waking on and off throughout the night and screaming, next moment sleeping like the dead.

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