Thoughtless Thursday: me on Christmas

Is it unethical to do a Thoughtless Thursday post using pictures someone else took?  Probably.  But my pictures were mainly blurry and poorly composed, and worst of all, none of them were pictures of ME ME ME.  So here it is: Me on Christmas.  (Thanks, BIL, for all the photos!)  (Of ME!)

Me being cautious on my nephew’s new RipStik Caster Board:


Me being confident on my nephew’s new Ripstik Caster Board:


Me taking a picture that will ultimately be orangeish and blurry and cause me to say, “ARRRRRGGHHH!”


Me being appropriately blown away by my nephews’ artwork in the annual family calendar:


Me attacking my brother with my son’s new mace (hey, he asked for it—no one MADE him wear a sweater vest):


Me attacking a 7-year-old child with my son’s new mace while also looking sexy:


Me setting up my mom’s antique nativity set after smashing it while attacking a 7-year-old child with my son’s new mace while also looking sexy:


Me trying to get my Pictionary teammates to realize I was drawing a picture of “imprint”:


Me trying to look like the middle child instead of the middle-ish child I am:



7 thoughts on “Thoughtless Thursday: me on Christmas

  1. I totally get it. The bird staring at the lightbulb is a METAPHOR for Jacob’s relationship with Bella’s daughter. The little man floating above the birthday candle only solidified an already clear picture.

  2. Woah, Renee, you totally would have gotten it. Incidentally, my drawing is the one in yellow and I have no idea what anything else on that pad is. So go make fun of someone else. My drawing of baby ducks imprinting on their mother duck ROCKED.

  3. Feels like 1984…only you guys look older. It is kinda freaking me out. haven’t seen you all together…in…like…probably since 1984!

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